What our clients say about Mendleson Homes...


We did quite a bit of research when deciding on a builder for our home.  We chose Mendleson Homes and are beyond happy with our choice.  As knowledgeable as we became of the local builders is as how uninformed we were of house building.  That gap in our knowledge was not relevant because the Mendlesons and their amazing staff patiently helped us and walked us through the entire process.  We found the lot on which to build the home but they worked with us to buy it.  And that was the beginning of our amazing journey.

Our home was built during the worst of the pandemic.  Finding qualified folks to work on the house, getting building supplies, and getting interior items like appliances were huge obstacles and challenges.  For a couple of the interior items we had to go to Plan B, but Plan B was never a problem and was just as perfect as Plan A.  Even considering all of that, the home was completed with only the slightest delay.  

There is not enough time to explain everything that went right and how pleased we are.  The home is beautiful.  The quality is the highest.  We consider many of their standard features to be “special touches” and always will regardless of what the Mendlesons keep telling us.

When you choose Mendleson Homes know that you have chosen the best.  Although we are their clients, we consider it our honor to have been able to work with honest and truthful folks with integrity.  If we had to do it all over again, we would not change a thing.


Fears/Nebiker (Nov 2021)

As a first time home builder I did not know what to expect and after a not so pleasant experience with one builder I was ready to give up on my custom home.  The Mendleson’s and their team changed my entire perspective and allowed me to hit restart.  I did not have to compromise on ONE thing that was a must have for me; the level of patience and grace that Alan offered me is nothing like I had experienced before.  While he does this for a living he always was so considerate that this was all new for me. They looked out for my budget more than I did, they accommodated all my custom requests with no hesitation, they communicated and communicated some more.  Even during a pandemic Alan had me into my home on time! I was honestly sad to be done with the building process but that’s ok because now I get to live in a home I utterly love!  It takes a lot to trust someone with your home and money, especially strangers, and I can confidently say I consider them friends and would do it again in a heartbeat.

K. Anderson

Anderson (May 2020)

Mendleson Homes made our dreams a reality….

The experience we had building our home with Mendleson Homes was truly second to none.  From the beginning of the project to the closing date, Alan, Enid, Heather, Bea and everyone involved helped make it a pleasant, efficient and easy-to-understand venture.  From the planning phase to the building of the house with the skilled and personable crews, our house was complete.  The attention to detail was impeccable, the scheduling was effortless, and the craftsmanship was flawless.  I have had several friends and family members, people who have built homes and worked in the construction business themselves, mention to me many times how solid and well-built our new home is.

Mendleson Homes made our dreams a reality and I cannot say enough about how understanding and accessible they were throughout this whole process, both before, during and after.  There was a true sense of wanting to communicate all those little details every step of the way; they want their customers to feel comfortable with and be educated on each decision that goes into building a new home and how they arrived at those decisions.  They showed a level of care and attention that you just can’t purchase; we have made life-long friendships and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are always just a phone call away.  We had many things to be thankful for this year, and one of those many blessings was the care and support of the Mendleson team.  Thank you so very much!


Prater, Michael & Jocelyn (May 2020)

During our new home search, we visited several model homes by various home builders.  When we visited Fawn Lake and the Mendleson model home we knew we had found the builder and style of new home that we were looking for.  The quality of the construction and craftmanship was top-notch and, with the upscale standard features and ability to personalize the home design, we felt confident in moving forward with Mendleson as our new home builder.  From the planning and contract signing to the construction completion and final walk-thru, Alan and his team were friendly and accommodating to our needs.  During the entire process they kept us well-informed on the construction progress and worked with us on any issues that arose.   We truly love our new home – it is bright and beautiful and suits us perfectly.  Choosing Mendleson Homes was the right decision for us.

Fiscko, Kerry & Cindy (Jan. 2019)

My wife and I moved into Fawn Lake thirteen years ago.  We had a custom home built by Regency Homes.  About a year ago my daughter and her husband decided to move to Fawn Lake.  They looked at all the available resale homes but couldn’t find one that met their needs so they decided to build.

They visited the models and spoke with the salesmen of several of the national builders.  Most of the models were laden with options that were either unavailable on standard models or would have cost a small fortune to include.  In addition, there was little to no flexibility in making any changes to available floor plans.

Then they visited the model home of Mendleson Homes and met Alan and Enid Mendleson.  They made an immediate connection.  Alan and Enid worked with them to find a design and floor plan that met their needs.  One thing I learned when we built our home was that you want to pick a builder who is responsive and that you can get along with for six to eight months.  We all found the Mendleson’s to be delightful to deal with.

  • Their standard package includes better trim and upgrades than the national builders upgraded package.
  • Alan, the owner of the company, was hands on during the entire project, exercising continuous management to keep everything moving and on track.  you are never going to get this level of attention from a national builder and if you want to have something changed it just won’t happen.
  • Alan followed through on his commitments and met all his project milestones.
  • I got to know Alan’s team that working on the house and I was impressed by their level of commitment to do a high quality job.  They were invested in doing their best to turn out a quality product that they were proud to have built.
  • Alan and Enid were excellent to deal with and very flexible regarding changes in progress.  In any large project like this there are going to be things you didn’t foresee in the original plans and that you want to have changed during construction.  My daughter found this to be the case and was very pleased with the assistance she got from Alan and Enid.
  • In closing, I watched every day of this project from lot clearing to final cleanup and was impressed at the quality of materials and workmanship.  Alan and Enid delivered a beautiful house on time despite weeks of rain that caused delays during construction.  This was due to Alan’s hands on project management.  A national builder would have even delayed months under the same circumstances.  I would be happy to speak with anyone considering Mendleson Homes as their builder to provide additional details.
Steve & Jill McNamara (Feb. 2019)

If I could give Mendleson Homes 10 stars, I would!! They recently completed a kitchen renovation and we couldn’t be happier. The quality of work was top notch and the result was amazing. They were highly recommended by multiple Fawn Lake neighbors. What really sold me on them was how well they treated their subcontractors. One of the subcontractors, who worked on our project, said Mr. Mendleson was the best contractor he ever worked for. He said Mr. Mendleson treated him very kindly and paid him well unlike so many other builders. When you have happy subcontractors, the results are obvious. As other reviews have mentioned, once you meet the Mendlesons, you become part of their family. Even after the project was completed, they check in with you to ensure everything is okay on a regular basis…no builder does that! My only regret is that I didn’t build a new Mendleson home from the beginning!!


Sanjay Patel

Patel (Oct 2019)

The Mendleson Homes Group is “top shelf” within the home building community.  My wife and I searched over and over for our perfect home, always coming up with the same conclusions – if we could just take this amenity from one house, add it to another house, and on and on.  All were beautiful homes but didn’t meet our needs.  That’s until we walked into the Mendleson home.  Before we made it half way through, we realized it was our “dream home” come true!  The workmanship with regard to what many other builders would consider upgrades, are found to be standard with Mendleson.
To top it all off, the entire Mendleson group treated us as if we were family, always seeming to go the extra mile making sure our needs were met.  Never once did a question go unanswered, rather all were remedied.
We are truly blessed to find this family-owned organization.  I hope that if anyone reads this and is looking to build, you will call this group!  If you’re like us, you won’t be disappointed!
Johnston (Oct 2019)


Mendleson Homes is one of the finest if not the finest custom home builder in the area. You will not be disappointed in choosing a Mendleson Home. The quality of work is outstanding. Many of their standard features are upgrades with any other builder.

Nest Realty - Susie & Sarah (Nov 19)

More than just a builder, FAMILY! It’s unreal how in today’s society we are so quick to pick out and advertise someone or some company’s short comings. So little do actually take the time to recognize and celebrate the wins of a great experience. Well when it came to building our custom home with the Mendleson’s it was nothing short of a life changing experience that not only built our dream home but also built a family relationship with the Mendleson’s. When the Mendleson’s were done building our home I said to them “every relationship should start with building a home because it shows everyone’s true colors and how they will handle their emotions” and I meant it. From putting every one of our cares first to making decisions on our behalf instead of theirs being the builder they lead every step of the way with love. Our house is a masterpiece not because it was so expensive (which the Mendleson’s meet every budget and most of all help you stay on track) but because every corner of the house was a decision, we made together being builder and purchaser. There were a lot of laughs and anytime tensions ran high they were a voice of reason to calm us down. The experience was if we were on the same team with a second pair of eyes. Everything was based on integrity and the Mendleson’s kept their word every step of the way. Not once did we ever have to resort back to a contract and that is unheard of now a days. So once again we want to say thank you for building us a custom home, leading us with open arms and making us part of the Mendleson family, for this we will be forever grateful. Love, the Fernandez’s!

Joey & Lisa (2019)

We contacted Alan Mendleson to build us a new home in Fredericksburg, VA as we were already familiar with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into his projects. My daughter and son in law purchased their first home from him a couple years ago and we were immediately sold on Mendleson Homes. His staff is very professional and provided us with excellent service to include the design and the selection process. We could not have found a better team to build our new home. We highly recommend Mendleson Homes!

Jay and Mary Greene (Mar 2018)

Why a Mendleson home? From the soft close drawers and cabinets to the crown molding, the standard features that Mendleson Homes provides are upgrades for every other builder we’ve ever worked with (and this is the third home we’ve built).  The Mendlesons are easy to work with and were always available to discuss any changes we wanted to make to the home design, keeping us involved in every step of the building process. They take pride in every home they build. The superior craftsmanship on their stick-built homes is second to none. If we were to build another home, we would build with Mendleson Homes!

Frank and Andrea Plati (Jul 2018)

Mendleson Homes worked with us through all phases of the process from choosing a lot, explaining the various options and were flexible to meet our requirements.  They use top grade materials and the carpentry work is excellent. They take the time to do it right.  Would strongly recommend trusting Mendelson Homes to build yours.
Quaderer, John & Janet (Aug. 2018)

We undertook a major home renovation with Mendleson Development after shopping around for contractors.  Right from the outset we found Alan and his team to be professional, easy to work with and focused on getting our project done right and promptly.  He had great ideas for our design and always had an eye on savings for us when possible.  He and his wife Enid welcomed us into their own home to view his construction style and various options for us.  We are so grateful for that.  His communication with us was excellent and he always seemed willing to answer our questions and concerns.  He was so patient with us!  His laid back style and professionalism is unmatched in the building community around Fredericksburg in my our opinion.  We are ecstatic at how our renovation turned out and will likely use him again for further renovations.  Thank you to Alan and his team.

D'Addio - Spotsylvania (Aug 2018)

Building a new home can be a stressful process with so many factors to consider.  Thankfully, we chose Mendleson Homes to build our new home for us.  From the first meeting with the Mendleson team, we knew we were making the right choice.  This wasn’t going to be a cookie-cutter experience for them, and they never once made us feel like we were just another set of clients.  In fact, we felt like part of their family.  From selecting the initial design (and even modifying it to suit our specific needs!), to selecting details along the way the Mendleson’s were there for us to offer suggestions and guide us through the process that could easily have become overwhelming.  More than one consultation meeting occurred over a delicious home-cooked meal.  Our brand new home is beyond what we could have dreamed of and we are so thankful we put our trust in such a wonderful team of builders.  They aren’t just building Mendleson “houses”.  They are truly Mendleson “Homes”!!

Prasse, Robert & Joan (Dec. 2018)

We met with several builders when we were thinking about upgrading to a larger home.  After five minutes with the Mendleson Homes Team, there was no question about who we trusted to help us design and build our first family home.  From the initial meetings drawing up plans to the final walk through, Mendleson’s were there to answer our questions and offer suggestions as if we were family.  We are absolutely thrilled with our new home and would highly recommend Mendleson Homes to anyone looking for a low stress, personalized building experience!

Riggs, Josh & Shauna (Dec. 2018)

Mendleson Homes did an outstanding job building my family’s new home. At first taking on a project as large as building a new home seemed overwhelming to me and my husband. We were expecting our second baby and we really needed to move into our new home by a certain date. At the start of the project rainy weather caused delays and we were concerned about our deadline. Alan and his team worked tirelessly to make up for lost time and we were able to move into our home even a little earlier than we expected. From start to finish the Mendleson’s made the entire process much easier than we could have anticipated.  We were consistently impressed with the quality of workmanship and the attention to detail that Alan and his team put into building our home. Throughout the building process Alan and his team were always accessible and so easy to communicate with. They were incredibly efficient and Alan always kept things moving forward. Every step of the way we felt like they genuinely cared about delivering a home that was exactly the way we envisioned. We highly recommend Mendleson Homes. My family and I are so grateful that they went above and beyond to make our dream home a reality.
Stryker, Jesse (Dec. 2018)

Mendleson Homes is outstanding! When referring a client to Mendleson Homes I know they will not only own an exceptionally well built home…but they will also have the privilege of building a life long relationship with the Mendleson family! You will never regret building what I always refer to as a “Mendleson Masterpiece!” Thank you for all you’ve done for my clients and our community! 
Lisa Dario, Realtor®
Coldwell Banker Elite
Lisa Dario, Realtor Coldwell Banker Elite

Mendleson Homes exceeded my every expectation.  The quality, dedication and care from design to finish was impeccable.  You will be overwhelmed not only with the quality of their homes, but also with how incredible they are as a team to work with both during and after the home purchase process.  These are not your average builder . . . expect to be impressed!

Christina Manning

Our entire experience with Mendleson Development has been so much greater than we could have ever expected. We first met Jason while out home shopping and stopping by one of their new builds. We were so impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and sincerity that we decided Mendleson was the company for our new home build. Since then and meeting with Alan and his lovely wife, our initial feelings have only been secured firmer. We love that the company is a small family-run company and their passion shows in their exceptional workmanship. We have been in our house for just over a month and say almost every day how much we love our house; the quality, the care that went into making sure everything was just right and not cutting corners is truly appreciated. Thank you, Mendleson Development.



I was amazed at the superb quality and upgrades that were previously thought out and designed into the home. High efficiency appliances, beautiful, wide planked hardwood floors, upgraded cabinetry, granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms as well as upgraded ceramic tile and custom trim work to name a few.  Alan and his team were pleasant and accommodating in every aspect during the process and follow through. I would recommend Mendleson Development without hesitation to anyone for quality work and service.  I absolutely love my home as does everyone who steps through my door.


Our decision to purchase a home in downtown Fredericksburg became a reality the moment we walked through our Mendleson home. The charm, character and attention to every detail made the decision an easy one. Everyone that enters our home is amazed at the outstanding craftsmanship. You just cannot buy a home of this quality at this price anymore.  We would definitely recommend Mendleson Homes to prospective home buyers.
Scott & Angela

Our experience with Mendleson Homes began when we first laid eyes on the house that soon became our home. Every aspect of that experience has been satisfying and rewarding, from the beauty of the home and the attention to detail in its construction to the professional, responsive customer service we’ve received whenever we’ve had a question or concern. I would gladly recommend Mendleson Homes to anyone looking to build because of their beautiful homes and exceptional service.



The home inspector’s comment was that the house was about as close to perfect as he’d ever seen.


CRS, GRI, CDPE RE/MAX Gateway - Associate Broker

It has been a complete pleasure getting to know you, your family, employees and subs. The quality of house you built for me has been noted by many who have been in their trade for years. I couldn’t be any happier.